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Dy·nam·ic (DJs)

adjective: dynamic
  1. (of a process or event) characterized by constant activity or smooth flow.
    "a dynamic wedding reception"
    • (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.
      "our DJ was very dynamic and entertaining"
      synonyms: energetic, spirited, active, lively, zestful, vital, positive
    • Physics
      (of or relating to) forces producing motion in 'dat booty'.
    • Linguistics
      (of a verb) expressing an action, activity, event, or process.
      "our event was dynamic and memorable"
  2. Music
    relating to the volume of sound produced by a skilled DJ.
    "our Dynamic DJ knew exactly what to play; when, where, & how loud"
    • (of a person) adaptable and able to change.
      "he listened to our wishes and was very dynamic"

Dynamic DJs are the  DJs in Kentuckiana

We are an affordable, professional, and fun music and lighting service for the Kentuckiana area (Louisville metro and Southern Indiana). Our clients have chosen us for our adaptable personal attention, excellent music selection, and reasonable prices. Explore the site to find out what we can do to make YOUR event


Take Full Control of Your Event

We love to make things easy for you, so here are 9 reasons to go with Louisville's premier mobile DJ and lighting service.

Unlimited Hours

"Dynamic DJs are the ONLY DJ in Kentuckiana to offer one flat rate for unlimited hours. You pay one price, we stay all night."

Complete Control

"You tell us what to do and when to leave, not the other way around. Period."

Unlimited Meetings

"Are you OCD? So are we! We will meet with you as many times as it takes to make sure it's right before the event."

You get the Owner

"We are NOT a booking agency. You won't get some college kid off the street, you'll get the owner of the business."

Bonus Pix

"Long after the hourly photographer is gone, we'll still be snapping great memories that we can share with you after the event!"

Backup Equipment

"We know how embarassing and frustrating it can be with faulty equipment. We have redundant systems in place for a smooth experience."

Bang for your buck

"Unlike our competitors, we provide a higher level of professional audio and lighting equipment in our baseline package."

No double bookings

"When you book with us, you get us for the whole day. We never double book events."

5 Star Service

"By email, phone, in person, or on location, we'll work with you ahead of time to plan your event so you are worry free the day it arrives."

Affordable, Professional, & Fun.
(Everything you need)


The Importance of Music Management

"You think you can just plug an iPod in and let it run?, please don't!! The importance of having an experienced professional who can play the right blend of songs with the appropriate timing, react to the crowd, coordinate event flow, and entertainment cannot be overstated enough! If you're debating whether or not to hire a DJ, believe me, it's worth your time and effort, not to mention a load off your shoulders. Making the decision to add music to your event was a good one. Now, make that decision even better by hiring us to manage it. Plus, we can work with you to take care of ceremony music, ambient and custom lighting decoration, dance floor setup, and other event details. However transparent it may seem, music can make or break an event's atmosphere and we understand this fully! By choosing to go with Dynamic DJs, you are putting as much care and thought into the importance of music that we do. I can guarantee you won't be dissapointed."

Chris Schroeder

Owner, Dynamic DJs

Happy Clients

Unlimited Hours Used

Uptown Funk Requests

Even More Reasons to Choose Us

Unlimited Hours

Did we mention unlimited hours for one flat rate??? Because we're the ONLY DJ in Kentuckiana that offers this. (by the way, that's a big deal!)

Music Toolssoon

Powerful and accessible music planning tools are available in our client portal. Get song suggestions, browse current popular music, let guests create request lists, and define your DO NOT PLAY songs.

Online Paymentsoon

Make your deposit, add or remove services, and check your remaining balance, all online.

Event Calendar

See exactly when we're booked, no more guess-work.

Client Portalsoon

Take full control of your event. Fill out event planner forms to define the event flow, the announcements, song selections, request lists, and more.

Ambient Lighting

Dynamic DJs has 30+ LED par cans that can be used to accent architecture, event details, and create an elegant atmosphere.

Monogram Projection

Put your initials or custom message in lights. Project it on the dance floor or wall above your head table. Corporations can have their logo projected above the keynote speaker.

Ceremony Coverage

We can also provide a completely separate setup for an adjacent room or event. This typically is used for ceremonies with two tripod speakers and lapel mics included.


Every kid loves bubbles. This inexpensive add-on adds instant fun! Our bubble machine will churn out a gazillion bubbles perfect for that grand entrance or exit.


Dynamic DJs has 3 books full of Top 40, R&B, Country Hits, and Classic karaoke favorites. With an extra monitor and wireless mics, we can make this a dedicated station or work it in as an add-on.

Projector & Screen

Got a slideshow to show? We can provide the DVD player, projector, & screen. All you need to provide is the content.

Fog Machine

Perfect for Halloween or just a cool effect, it always enhances the lighting atmosphere. Venue permitting we can also provide this service.

CD Mix Tapes

What better way to create a cool wedding favor than a mix tape of all your favorite tunes? But we'll bring it into the 21st century, do all the leg work, and burn the CDs for you.

Paper Lanterns

Create an elegant lighting display with rice paper lanterns of different sizes and/or colors. We can create a custom look for you that matches the rest of the decor.

Dance Floor Rental

We know how to properly size and place a dance floor. We can provide oak parquet, faux marble, or black and white checkerboard. Best of all, forget about setup and teardown!

Generator Rental

Planning an outdoor event with no access to electricity? No problem, we have what you need.

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What Clients Say?

Venue Experience

These are a few of the venues we've worked with in the past. We've been there and are familiar with their layout, staff, and procedures. We love to go new places! If you don't see yours listed, don't worry, we'll schedule an appointment to see it.