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Growing up as a band geek through high school with a state championship marching band, starting a local cover band, attending several concerts, and always having a radio on nearby, Chris has always surrounded himself with music, friends, and family early on. After high school graduation, Chris went to Purdue to study Electrical Engineering where he learned the technology behind digital audio. He later moved back and settled down with a new wife, 9-5 job, and a home, but tried to think of how to get back to his passion for music.

Sean, Chris's best friend, had done a few wedding receptions and really enjoyed the experience, so he invited Chris along on one. After a very well received reception, people were asking for business cards! Chris realized the reason for the success was that they actually "enjoyed" doing this as opposed to most hired DJ services. He knew how to watch the crowd reactions, care about the quality of music selection, and have fun!

Over 30 wedding receptions, business, & holiday parties later, Dynamic DJs LLC was finally born in 2008! Since then, DDJs has performed over 100 events and has found the additional formula for success:

"Be dynamic & adaptable to what the client wants for a fair, upfront flat rate for the whole event."

Chris Schroeder

Owner, Dynamic DJs

Sean still DJs with Chris occassionally, but Chris developed and grew the business into full ownership. We now also offer professional lighting services and event rentals. Most events we still try to have two DJs (one MC for announcements and event flow, and one DJ for seemless music), but Chris has enough experience to handle both.


Happy Clients

Unlimited Hours Used

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Why Choose Us?

One flat rate for unlimited hours

We don't charge extra past 4 hours like the other guys. You tell us what to do and when to leave, not the other way around.

Dynamic is in our name

From black ties to barn dances, we can adapt to any situation. We are down-to-earth people who know how to have a good time.

We care a lot about music

However transparent it may seem, music can make or break an event's atmosphere. By choosing to go with Dynamic DJs, you are putting as much care and thought into the importance of music that we do.


Coverage Map

We have a fairly large coverage area, but in general, it's an hour surrounding Louisville, KY.
Anything beyond 30-45 mins from downtown Louisville will include a travel fee not to exceed $100, based on gas prices and such.

  • Coverage area ~1hr surrounding downtown Louisville, KY

What Clients Say?

Awesome service at an excellent price! Couldn't have asked for anything better!

Julia Lega Miller


Chris was amazing to work with. He listened to what we wanted and played great music for our reception. I highly recommend Dynamic DJs!!!!

Chris & Jackie Wells


We enjoyed having you be a part of our NICU event. Definitely would like to utilize your services next year.

Lauren Hatfield Davis


Affordable, Professional, & Fun.
(Everything you need)