What We Do

Rather than try to provide every service under the sun poorly, we focus on doing a few things and doing them well. Dynamic DJs excels at providing a musical atmosphere (DJ), program flow and event announcements (MC), and ambient and accent lighting coverage. We can also provide other things you might typically need for an event such as a projector and screen, karaoke, or dance floor rental. Our complete service list follows. We'll work with you leading up to your event by any means you're comfortable with: email, phone, in person, or on location at the venue. Please take this three step approach below when planning your event.

  • Dream

    Explore our services and imagine how you can make your event dynamic. What is your ideal DJ like? Do you want outgoing and engaged or perhaps reserved professionalism?

  • Talk

    Actually, we'll listen as you explain your needs, wishes, and fears. Then we'll design a personalized package that can help you implement your plan.

  • Relax

    We're here for you whenever you need. Call us at any time, for any reason. Stuck on a song? Ask our advice. We can always help you.










Professional AudioEquipment Details

We are down to earth people who just like to have fun. We don't stick to any specific genre of music. We play anything that just makes you feel good. After all, it's your party! Combine that with the fact that we are the ONLY DJ in Kentuckiana to offer one flat rate for unlimited hours and it's a no brainer.

A good DJ will be able to adapt to a wide variety of music tastes. Take a look at these videos to see how we expertly transition through all the genres throughout the night, keeping the crowd happy.

Unlimited Hours

We don't charge extra past 4 hours like the other guys. You tell us what to do and when to leave, not the other way around. Actually enjoy your event and stop watching the clock.

Dynamic is in our name

From black ties to barn dances, we can adapt to any situation. We are flexible. Just need someone to make announcements and play your style of music? We can do that too.

We care about music

However transparent it may seem, music can make or break an event's atmosphere. By choosing to go with Dynamic DJs, you are putting as much care and thought into the importance of music that we do.


Professional IlluminationEquipment Details

Our tiered DJ packages already come with advanced dance lights synchronized to your music with LED spotlights, moving patterns, strobe, and blacklight included in the highest offering. Off the dance floor, we can enhance the rest of the venue with ambient and accent lighting. We have 30 LED par cans available that can be any combination of red, green, and blue to light up archways, pillars, cake tables, or just create mood lighting.

Another inexpensive, elegant way to elevate your event is to put your personalized mark on it. We can design, print, and project any message, logo, or picture on a wall that you can imagine. For example, a popular trend among wedding couples right now is a monogram of their initials. In the past we have also designed and hung illuminated paper lanterns as decor. The best part is you don't have to worry about all the labor! Ask us what else we can do to transform your space into a unforgettable experience.

Ambient Lighting

per fixture (30 avail)

Monogram Projection

customizable message or logo

Paper Lanterns

per fixture (50 avail)


These items can be added to any service a la carte. If enough add-ons stack up, then we can build a discounted package for you. Just tell us what you're interested in and we'll create a customized quote.

Ceremony Coverage
A completely separate setup for additional coverage or an adjacent room. Includes 2 lapel mics, 2 tripod speakers, & rehearsal practice.
3000 Top 40, R&B, Country Hits, and Classic karaoke favorites. With an extra monitor for lyrics and wireless mics. Earplugs not included.
Projector & Screen
Includes DVD player, projector, & screen (or can use a white wall). All you need to provide is the content.
Bubble Machine
Churn out a gazillion bubbles perfect for that grand entrance, exit, or first dance (venue permitting). Scented bubbles available too!
Fog Machine
Perfect for Halloween or just a cool effect, it always enhances the lighting atmosphere (venue permitting).
CD Mix Tapes
Create a cool wedding favor mix "tape" of all your favorite tunes. We will burn the CD and create a custom package for you.

Third Party Rentals

Generator Rental

Planning an outdoor event with no access to electricity? No problem, we have what you need. We work with vendors to get access to these services below retail price.

Dance Floor Rental

We know how to properly size and place a dance floor. We can provide oak parquet, faux marble, or black and white checkerboard. Best of all, forget about setup and teardown!

Dynamic DJs - exactly what you need